birthdays, businesses, and butter.

There have been a few pretty significant life events that happened over the past few weeks. You know, things like celebrating my 29th birthday which is weirdly more uncomfortable than the idea of turning 30 for some reason. Maybe because I feel like I have to work out all the kinks this year or "really live it up" before I turn the responsible and actual adult age of 30. More wine please.

One of the more exciting events was officially turning Nixon & Copeland into an LLC with my partner Michelle! We're both chomping at the bit to launch our home staging and interior styling business, especially with how the Portland real estate market has been punching ahead. Though it's just the beginning, it really feels like we're one step closer to doing work we love. Love love love.

And last but not least at all, I spent about a week exploring Iceland with Melissa (the super muscly babe in the Blue Lagoon photo below). If you ever get the chance, GO. I've never seen so much beauty packed into one small space. There's a waterfall (foss) or hot spring (laug) every few miles - if that - and the landscape is utterly breathtaking. We spent a few nights in Reykjavik to get the lay of the land then set out exploring the south and the west. I can't put into words what we saw and pictures hardly do it justice, so I'll leave you with these meager snapshots.

P.S. Iceland has the best butter (smjor) and feta in the world. Don't come home without them.