what being an adult looks like

Melissa, affectionately referred to as "my other whole," recently wrote a post for her gym's blog on being an adult. She talks about the very moment when she realized she had somehow transitioned from a dirtbag adolescent into a functioning adult (it involves Tupperware and is worth the read). It got me thinking about what being grown up really looks like and if there are specific rites of passage one must experience before entering the big world of paying taxes, acquiring furniture from places other than IKEA, and developing an affinity for digestifs and neatly organizing them on a bar cart you DIY'ed to look more "rustic." 

Though adulthood can look very different depending on who you ask, there were a few defining moments in my life that made me certain I'd made it relatively unscathed. They go a little something like...

  • Not only did I buy a car, but I bought a car because of the exceptional gas mileage it gets as well as the opportunity it afforded me to build credit. 
  • I started buying organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, local, etc. food whenever possible because for the first time in my life, I don't feel invincible anymore (unless I'm drinking Fireball and well that, folks, is full of antifreeze).
  • I asked for chef knives last Christmas and I'm asking for an accent chair for my birthday. In the same vain, I now frequent West Elm more than Ben & Jerry's (and I love ice cream, people).
  • I broke up with a handful of "friends" because I realized we had nothing in common other than the drama we caused while out partying. And our love for horror-themed dance bars.
  • Not only do I have health insurance for myself, but I even got pet insurance for my dogs because you really never know.
  • I started booking real vacations - like, to Iceland - instead of saving all my adult dollars to fly home for the holidays or across the country for a wedding. 
  • I realized that they weren't kidding when they said "life is short" and we only have one shot to do the thing(s) we love every single day. So I'm working on doing that as much as possible.

Maybe you started going to the dentist for the first time since high school because you know how important dental health is or maybe you even have a real-life guest room in your house. What moments defined adulthood for you?