no such thing as a stranger

If you know me at all, you know that I know no strangers, they are just friends I haven't met yet. (Should I say "know" again?) I can talk to anyone and take great pleasure in getting beyond the small talk. Friends laugh at me - and probably get annoyed - when we share cabs together because it doesn't take but a few minutes for me to get the driver talking about religion and purpose, his family, poverty, or things that stress her out. I love to talk. I love finding commonalities. I love connection.

I have lots of friends and love making them. I could hang out with a different group of people on any given night. I have friends for deep, purposeful conversations; I have friends for light-hearted banter; I have friends who would go on an adventure at the drop of a hat; I have friends who understand (and LOVE) wine the way I do; I have friends who rage and friends who like to just be together. The list goes on.

I also have a handful of best friends...a few people who know me almost better than I know myself. I cherish those relationships and do everything I can to nurture and grow them, even when we're miles apart. We pick up where we left off no matter what. They're my people. 

But what does it take to become "best" friends? A few things in common, overcoming hardships together, having some really good laughs? Is it having a history together? Is it just a chemical thing you can't really explain like falling in love?

After flipping through some photos from over the years, I realized there's quite an obvious theme when it comes to the people I can't quit. You can probably see for yourself, but nothing draws me in and keeps me hanging on more than a really deep, gut-busting laugh. The kind that you cry over. The kind that makes you grip your knees or grab your sides because it hurts so good. Sharing a sense of humor is the connection I value most. Because if you can’t laugh together, well, then maybe we will remain strangers.