Life Itself

“Today is a day I’m reminded that Life itself needs no words to be here living & if you think that’s too simple, I wonder if you’ve ever sat quietly in the warm sun & tried it.” – Brian Andreas

Bull of the Woods


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Birthday Business

A family member of mine just asked me what I want for my birthday…you know, the one at the end of April. April 30th to be exact. That’s only 1 day shy of May. She says that if she doesn’t start now, it will be September before I see anything come through the mail. She’s a woman with a plan and I like that.

More importantly, it got me thinking about what I actually do want for my birthday. Sure, I want things like my health and food on the table and a little extra cash for a fancy drink after work. I’d even take some new throw pillows or some rain gear for my bike. Okay, if we’re going there, I’d also really love some sharp new cutlery and maybe a trip to the spa because let’s be honest; writing this post while slumped over in my desk chair is a really stellar setup for a massage. I digress.

I reached a little deeper though and thought about what truly fills me up until I overflow on my birthday. It’s not the gifts or the parties or the checks from estranged uncles living off the grid in nowhere Montana. It’s the phone calls, texts, cards and messages from friends and family all over the world that get me all worked up. It’s unexpectedly hearing from a friend you went to summer camp with who shares a memory of your first conversation on your Facebook wall and it’s a handwritten letter sent snail-mail from your best friend living halfway across the country.

It’s the feeling of belonging. It’s the feeling of connectedness. It’s the feeling that somewhere back there, you did or said something that had a lasting impression on someone, at least enough that they felt like reaching out to you. That’s what birthdays are all about. And that’s what I want my birthday to be all about.

Go write a letter to your #1 just because. Or send an old friend an unexpected care package. It’ll feel just as good to send it as it does for them to receive it. And you bet your hiney I’ll be checking my mailbox come the end of April.


a kid in love with the world all over again
finding love in unexpected places
dishing it back out when there’s not enough
summer cliches
staying up too late by a campfire
getting up too early for a sunrise
holding hands in awe of the richness
laying under it in the heaviness of it fleeting
celebrating the vastness of possibility
reckless in our efforts to hold onto what is
remembering that life is good and we are lucky


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Sunset Ride

Sundays are nostalgic. I’m coming off the high of a great weekend but also realize Monday is right around the corner. My favorite thing to do on Sunday evenings is get in my car and drive to Sauvie Island. I process so much when I’m driving. It doesn’t hurt that I usually get to take in a stellar PNW sunset.

I seriously can’t quit the mood music. I’ve been working on a “Sunset Ride” playlist and I think it’s come together pretty nicely, at least for me. It’s mellow and perfect for exactly what it’s titled. Get in your car, roll the windows down, and drive somewhere beautiful. Go alone or hold hands with your loved one across the center console.